Real Estate Development

An expert in the redevelopment of many projects, Anwar Barbouti’s expertise in the planning, redevelopment and management of his many investments offers opportunities for the cities where he continues to make a difference. Houston, Texas being one of his major real estate ventures, has seen an influx of new job opportunities streaming from Anwar’s ability to redesign and modernize shopping plazas. He has over 15 years of experience working in the real estate industry and he has chosen to invest wisely to further prosper the city and residents of the community through employment opportunities in stores such as T.J. Max, Home Depot, Ulta, Golf Galaxy, Honey Baked Ham and many other retail stores.

As the President of Greenwich Management Company in Houston, Texas, Anwar continues to be devoted to modernizing and developing areas in Houston that may have otherwise failed. His attributes to the city of Houston are noteworthy and ethical. His tenants in shopping plazas such as the Plaza on Richmond Shopping Plaza has proved him to be a reputable landlord. He continues to be active in the redevelopment and planning of residential blocks in respectable uptown area of Houston. As a successful businessman, Anwar Barbouti finds his work to be both rewarding and exciting. His contributions to society and the cities of Houston and London are remarkable.